Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running around Hussain Sagar

Saturday, after the Watermelon Party, we woke up late. We didn't really have anything planed so I took advantage of the time by making one of the recipes I've been meaning to try out from the blog Mind Your Bees and Trees: Kaiserchmaarn, or giant Austrian pancakes. Benny loves pancakes, and these looked like a fun twist on the traditional ones we make.

The recipe can be found HERE. I followed it closely, though I used whole-wheat instead of all-purpose or a blend, and we didn't have raisins.

Our honey was a jar of Kashmiri saffron honey we bought a few months ago at the All-India Crafts Mela at Shiparamam.

Making the giant pancake was fun.

And it flipped well!

Shredded. We put cinnamon and powdered sugar over it.

Text Color

Verdict: GOOD! Benny liked them and said they tasted healthy, haha. They were- the ingredients are mostly eggs and whole-wheat flour. Quite a simple recipe, too. We will definitely make again. Thanks Amanda and Kristen!!

Later that day we went for a run around Hussain Sagar, the large lake in the middle of Hyderabad. We've been there before for various events and outings, but I have been wanting to try the course around it for a while.

This is the route we took:

We started at Eat Street, where the green mark on the left is. Eat Street is a collection of small restaurant stalls and kiosks overlooking the lake. It's a nice setting actually, though quite crowded in the late evenings. We went around the lake clockwise, until Lumpini Park where the blue route-marker ends.

My skin-colored knee brace, which has been AMAZING at keeping my right knee pain at bay. I never run without it now.

A train!

Happening upon some statues. We actually didn't stop running to take this pic- both of us were kind of hopping in place.

Keep on truckin'.

Really beautiful tomb.

One of the parts where the path pulls away from the river and you end up on a road. This area isn't so busy or dangerous.

Finished! enjoying the view.

The run around Hussain Sagar is so-so. Here are the pros and cons:

- It's pretty much exactly 10K- just a hair under at 5.8 miles.
- Some sections are really enjoyable- nice brick paths, shaded, next to the lake.
- FREE!!

- The path surrounding the lake is not exactly continuous. Some parts spit you out onto incredibly busy roads with no sidewalk. You HAVE to walk these parts, as you're so close to the oncoming traffic that you can reach out and touch motos and buses passing you by.
- Some parts are not scenic at all. The road pulls away from the lake at times and you end up in long stretches of graveled roads with rundown shops around you. Not the worst thing in the world, but not necessarily the most lovely run you'll ever do.


Start at Eat Street and run counter-clockwise. You can get in a good 5K/3 miles before the nice shaded pedestrian path next to the lake turns into a harrowing highway where you're walking sideways just to avoid getting hit. Then you can turn back and end up back at Eat Street for a full 10K jog.

After we got home, someone needed a little R&R

I also noticed I was sunburned only on the top of my wrists, around where my watch is. Patch of about 2 inches x 2 inches. It's very attractive.

The unfortunate news after this run is that even though my knee held up beautifully, my left foot, which started hurting after a run last week, is in a lot of pain. It was a dull pain during the run and has only intensified to the point where I now walk with an absurd limp every where I go.

I think it's some sort of tendonitis in my foot. Will be heading to a doctor or PT soon. In the meantime, absolutely NO running at all.



  1. Hey Amy do take care of yourself and do visit a doc... take rest dear

  2. Saffron honey!??!?! That sounds magical

  3. I love the kind of pancakes you made. Sound like the german pancakes I get at home. Also, do take care of yourself. Stop when you feel pain. I learned that the hard way, as I'm now on to two months and counting of self imposed running exile due to a hip injury I sustain while out running.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments.
    Your blog is funn-ay. Love it. Pros and Cons = classic! :)


    My Life. I Guess.

  5. oh boy! 5.8 miles.. i couldn't have done that anyway at all.. :) and that giant pancake .. awsm

  6. Tiffany- The saffron honey is delish!! I can't quite describe it's flavor... but it definitely has a different quality than regular honey!

    Josh- YES you are right- it's not worth running through the pain and continuing to get injured. The more people who remind me of that the better- I'm more likely to listen :-D. Have an appointment with the PT today, hopefully will find out what is wrong.

    Lizzie- Thanks!! :) :)

    Sunshine- Oh we did not do the full 5.8 miles yesterday. I think if we had my foot would have fallen off and my 2x2 inch patch of sunburn would have ended up a full-fledged farmer's tan!

  7. Amy, your blog is so useful for me! thanks for the great idea for the lake run. one question: do you think it would be good to walk/run with the dog? are there a lot of stray dogs?