Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's been 3 days since the Great Stomach Bug of 2011 and we are recovering well.

I had to cancel my appointment- which was originally scheduled a few hours into the Great Stomach Bug of 2011- for my left foot pain. I rescheduled for Wednesday and left the appointment with a 150 Rs ($3) ankle strap and some "Chymoral Forte."

I had to look this stuff up. Apparently it's an enzyme tablet that helps promote protein growth, or something to that effect. There's very little information available online because taking enzymes to treat soft tissue injuries (or any illness/injury) is rarely practiced outside of India.

But for the sake of adventure, I'm trying it out. So far no improvement... will report back in a few days.

I haven't really been up for cooking lately due to obvious reasons. But yesterday we both had appetites for one of my favorite favorite favorite Indian dishes.

What could this rolled up newspaper have inside??

Fresh hot atta chapatis!!!

... which accompanies rice....

.... which accompanies dal!!!!

Oh man, I love dal. So much. For the uninitiated, it's lentils with Indian spices and it's amazing. If you tone down the spice and the oil it's a really great comfort food. With white rice and plain chapatis it was just what the doctor ordered.

But the most sure sign that the appetites are back and all is almost returned to normal is....

... an empty container of ice cream.


  1. Ughh food poisoning is rubbish! But glad to know you're on the mend :) I know what you mean about dal!

    My gran would serve a simple meal of rice, with a dollop of ghee(!!!) and dal to top it all off. So simple yet so satisfying!

  2. So glad you're on the mend! I hope your foot gets better soon too :)

  3. Thanks all for your well-wishes! Stomach is 100%... foot is TBD :) :)

    And yes, dal is SO satisfying. dollop of ghee... oh my, now that is delicious!